Top 6 B2B Instagram Marketing Tips in 2018

tips for B2B businesses

Instagram is the new “it” thing when it comes to social media. This is mainly because of the immense connectivity it provides amongst influencers, brands and does on in the form of giving- away, collaborative work, launches, travel photo- tours, etc. And believe it or not, the traditional social media sites. Such as Facebook and Twitter no longer share or boost the same amount of connectivity they once used to.

With over 700 million users participating actively in this social media. Instagram Marketing is truly booming for everyone- be it artists or businesses and there are some best entrepreneurs who using Instagram as a business highly earning per day in lacks and more so, here is  top Instagram influencer. And what’s even better? The interactive new features such as direct message, stories, and now video calling. So basically it provides the platform for the creation of a global family. Using Instagram Marketing can lead to an increase in the number of visitors to a page. Or the number of clicks per se, which in turn reduces the cost of lead generation. and for Instagram business tools


Some of the 2018 tips for B2B businesses in the field of Instagram marketing  are listed below:

  • Use hashtags to reach your audiencehashtags are the best and easiest way to increase traffic to a particular post. When you use a hashtag, you basically appeal to everyone’s Instagram profile who is interested in the same thing. Use a mix of branded and non- branded tags to boost viewership. Branded hashtags are the ones which encourage people to use if they are posting something about your company, with the aim that they might even get featured by your company. On the other hand, non branded tags are the ones which appeal to the public on a broader term and more often a generic term. So branded tags can be specialized according to product lines and various divisions, whereas non- branded ones are generic and attain to the bigger picture.  You could even mention a particular hashtag on your Instagram bio, and then that particular hashtag would act as a link to your profile! This way you can increase the interactions with your customer base and Instagram Marketing.


  • Promotional activities– promote the launch of your new product or service over social media by Instagram Marketing; even invite a few influencers from the same line of business who you think could help boost your business. Organize give- away from events, quizzes, feature competitions, and more. All such activities prove to the audience that you are not merely business-minded but care about the interests of the people equally. Indulging in such activities will not only boost sales but will also help you create a more- refined Instagram Marketing, one that is consumer- friendly and does not hesitate in interacting with its customers on a regular basis. Generate maximum viewership by tagging people on your post. Go live while on the event and show people what it looks like at the real time. Research about the event hashtag and use it. Also, tag the location where a particular event is taking place. All these will help you improve your business’s image.


  • Use Instagram stories– Instagram keeps updating its story feature on a regular basis with various internal features available such as- adding gifs, texts, colors, even the option of going live, and face filters like the one in snap chat. A recent study shows that approximately 300+ million people use Instagram stories daily. Instagram Marketing through stories can be a very lucrative option as stories disappear in 24 hours, so you could come up with something new almost daily. Also, use the features of location tagging, and hashtags on the story itself. And suppose a particular story is important and you don’t want it to get deleted- you could always save them as “highlights”, this way any user who visits the company’s profile gets to see the highlight story.  There are also ways you can get to know what people think about a particular product or service. Instagram has added the poll feature which helps create an interactive story feature, with various users participating. You even get to share the end result. Another similar feature is a range feature where people can rank a product or service over a slider bar. All these features ultimately help you to record consumer preferences in an ultra cool way! If your Instagram account is a business account, then you can even analyze the performance over the stories with the help of Instagram Analytica.


  • Instagram bio– Instagram bio is your best chance to build a cool, and an attractive image among the audience. It even allows you to add links to your original website, thereby carving a path to improve the number of click on your website too.              If you are tech savvy, then add a link to other links, this way the users can access even more information about your business and company. Even if you are not that savvy technologically, you could always use apps like- link tree to add more and more links to your profile. There is a word limit of 150 words, and you should make the most out of it.
  • Employees and customers– put employee specific posts to show appreciation for our employees. This way, users will think you are equally committed towards your employees, and the company isn’t all about harsh business. Similarly, also feature your users and tag them while you feature them. This will increase appreciation for your company and make more and more people enthusiastic about contributing content. You can also use the platform to break important news to the public, such as big schemes, new offers, hiring news, and so on.


  • Focus on UGCUGC stands for user-generated content and is one of the most trending techniques for you to employ on social media. Using your branded hashtag will ensure that people start following and using it. UGC from your audience is a win-win situation. It basically helps you access to content which you did not create, but also shows the relationship of the company with your customers. Though most users won’t mind you reposting their picture, it is however always better to ask their permission first.


Hope the above mentioned Instagram Marketing tips and tricks will help you make your business the next “it” thing.






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