Top 5 ways of Search engine optimization to boost content and link-building

Search Engine Optimization

Top 5 ways of Search engine optimization to boost content and link-building

SEO, i.e., search engine optimization is probably the most important search engine optimization technique that will help your business to be located by potential customers. The organic traffic which refers to all the natural attention and visits you get without advertising is the best way to become popular. But what’s even better is using the help of search engine optimization to grow this traffic to a never- imaginable count so that you can convert the reach multiple times more.

After all, changing times demand not merely hard work, but smart work too! But using malicious links or paid ways to boost traffic can lead to some major repercussions. Google guidelines ban the use of any abusive or copied content or even hidden links. Also one should be extremely careful as to outsourcing, because what is the point of paying money to get a job done, if the work eventually turns out to be malicious, and actually maligns the company’s reputation.

A few ways to enhance the efficiency of SEO are listed below, use them see wonders happening:

  • Google’s featured snippet- snippets occur more frequently in question based keyword searches, like “how to make a pancake?” the first page that opens up upon entering the search option is of utmost importance. In fact the featured snippets are the ones which get shown on the very first page. If you can convert your content into that of a featured snippet, the viewership of the content could improve by 114%.


  1. Focus should be on increasing HTML response and efficiency and more HTML headers in your content.
  2.  Along with it, try to use headers which include the target keyword, and answer the particular question to the point.
  3. For topics which are fewer questions oriented, target content marketing to increase the response.
  4. Try to write the content in the form of – step 1, step 2, and s on. This way Google can simply highlight a part of the answer, and the reader can click on the link for the entire content.
  5. Use key phrases such as “start by”, “the first step is”, “most important tool is” and so on.

                                          search engine optimization

  • Post regularly for a particular target audience– write often and research thoroughly before uploading your content. This way you can convert your website into one of those “active” players in the market, someone who is always ready to help out the customer with whatever they need. Also important factor is to specify and write content only for your target audience. This may sound limiting, but writing to the point content attracts more responses as compared to those which are written for a “wider” audience. Blogging and posting more than 15-20 times a month get almost five times the response they were getting earlier! This is not only for the big established search engine optimization companies, but even more effective for the small ones where there are 5-10 employees. Use a conversational tone and research on the key phrases most preferred. Incorporate these phrases and words into your write and see magic happen.
  • Also it’s very important to keep track of your target audience. For example, if your product is a tailoring machine, then the target audience would mostly be women. So pieces should be written in such a way that they target women from across the globe and motivate them to purchase your product. The writing should be such that the women would be convinced that this tailoring machine would forever change the face of their business. Also write as long and as engaging articles as possible, but also keep in mind that the length of the article should not bore your readers.
  • TAGRET YOUR INTENT– if your sole intent is to convince buyers to buy your product then composes your content in such a way that the article focuses only on discussing the pros and cons of the product or service concerned. If however your website also acts as a general blog, then also include conversational write- ups where you discuss with your readers on whether to buy a product or not at the first place. This will show that the company is not merely focused on marketing the product but is also concerned about its reader’s choices.
  • Community hijacking- hijacking the particular community is a wonderful trick to build up link and increase traffic. For example, if your brand is a fashion related enterprise, then in addition to maintaining your website also get down to Instagram and pinterest and other social media sites like facebook, to build up contacts and promote your products. Even link up your actual website to boost sales. Use an e- commerce platform so that followers from your instagram community can directly purchase a product from site. This will help you to cater to multiple needs at a single time with fool- proof efficiency.
  • Competitors– don’t merely keep a track of the needs that your customers or readers demand, but also pay equal attention to your

Competitor analysis- Search Engine Optimization

. After all your own business can only bloom once your competitor is also under performing. So keep a track of his website, and analyze the numbers in relation to your own website. In case it is your business which is not performing up to the mark, then go ahead and launch a new product, or adopt a new search engine optimization marketing strategy. You could even offer discounts, or write about the social activities that you recently under too has part of your social corporate responsibility. After all, there is nothing like a good deed performed which also helps boost sales.

Keeping the above points in mind and implementing the with accuracy is sure to get your business to the heights you have always imagined. These are the five most important steps, but obviously there is no limit to the various techniques and schemes that can be used to improve the track record f your content. So go ahead and explore more, it always pays to be a student in the long run!

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