Affiliate marketing for beginners 2018

affiliate marketing

Do you wish to earn some quick bucks with a less amount of work as compared to other forms of earning it? Do you want to earn just with the help of some clicks and not going to the office? If the answer to both the questions is affirmative, you are at just about the right place at the right time. Here we will discuss in detail what affiliate marketing actually means. And how you can start earning by some clicks. This is mainly aimed at beginners. So firstly you should understand the definition of affiliate marketing and you can also get the knowledge about digital marketing strategy example.

Selling someone else’s product through a link is what is known as Affiliate Marketing and How to Make a Full-Time Income with Affiliate Marketing!

If you somehow find yourself at one of the e-commerce sites, mainly Amazon, Flipkart, shopclues, eBay, and paytm mall. You can find a tab at the bottom of the page or in the drop-down menu about ‘earn money’ or something similar. If you click on this, this will land you in a page where the site will ask you to make a different account on the website. This being a seller’s account. You will be provided you with a link. Just share this link in your circle and wherever you can. If the concerned people end up buying any product on the site, you will be awarded a small commission by the company. This is how you can easily earn some quick bucks. You can extend this job at a much bigger level too and start earning a lot of money.

You must have got a brief introduction by now to what affiliate marketing means. Here are several tips which will surely help you in this marketing

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Create an in between:

Suppose you are a customer and a stranger has come up to you and told you to click on a link that he will provide and buy products from the page that the link lands you on. I don’t think that you will buy even a single product. Simply because the person does not trustworthy. And then there is a stranger who has uploaded a video showcasing the different features of the product.

Why the product will prove to be useful. And at the end of the video, he will share a link with which you can buy it. This is way too a good way to earn some clients for the parent site. Choosing the second one always. Don’t send the traffic directly to the page. Instead, make a video or post to show why this product will prove to be useful to you. In this way, try to build more relationship with people. This will help you gain some responsible clients for your business.

Reviewing product:

The next most significant step which must be followed to have an upper hand over others is to review products that you are wishing to sell. This can be in the form of an unpacking or an unboxing video of the product as well. But you must always keep the thing in mind that the review should not be biased in any form. The review should be genuine and honest. Be critical if the situation wants it. Always promote products that you yourself have used. Never sell a product which you yourself felt useless because the review will entirely depict the fake game that you are playing. This can prove to be vital in your journey as a seller in affiliate marketing.

                                  Affiliate Marketing

Comparison video:

Another form of a video which you can make to stand tall among the other competitors in the market is by making a comparison table. Compare your product with other similar ones. The comparison should be based on a number of features and specifications. And finally, leave it to the customers to choose one between the two of them. The comparison should be made in a genuine and honest atmosphere with no form of biasness at all. Try to prove your fact that why the product is better than the others based on some real facts and figures. This will leave a deep impact in the back of the mind of customers.

Build an audience:

Most of the experienced ones in the market will surely agree with this. The concept of building an audience. The shopkeepers will always like to keep their past clients intact with them. These are the ones who will frequently visit the shop to asking the necessary things. The same logic can be applied to affiliate marketing. Always try to maintain a healthy relationship with the previous clients. If they can buy it once. They can buy from the site again. Building a right audience can be absolutely vital if you are thinking of a long-term future perspective.

Multiple platform links:

There are many people out there who are obsessed with a single e-commerce site. And cannot even think of buying anything from any other site. Even if they are charging more for the same product. This can be because of the trust factor too. So it is always advisable to include a list of multiple platform links. It will provide a link to different options for the customers. They can compare the concerned product on a no. Of different sites. Thus helping to choose the best among the rest. This is a real boost for the lazy ones out there who will try to find a way out of searching for a single on different sites one by one.


The next most important thing that must be present in you is the patience factor. You should not start looking for instant results. These are just myths. Everything comes but only after some amount of time. You cannot be successful in any field of life if you are patient. Let alone this which requires a high amount of it. It is a key which will keep everything rolling in your direction.

Excited, aren’t you? So it’s just about time to start your career in silage affiliate marketing. But do always keep these tips before starting. Good luck!





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