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Benefits of Wordpress


What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free platform which allows coders and developers to share their code online. Thus, making coding all the most ready. Here we will discuss about the benefits of WordPress. Starting with the definition of WordPress.

WordPress is free open source software which was initially developed for blogging purposes of the owners of small scale business owners. But gradually with time, it gained a lot of popularity making it the preferred choice for many of the big names in the market. With much updated and lit of plugins, it was possible to design a website which was not meant only for blogging purposes. It meant the whole requirements of the owner of a business. This is very friendly even to a non-tech guy. It doesn’t require tons and tons of information beforehand. You can start working on it with a minimal amount of it on WordPress. Slowly and slowly, you will get used to its functionality. Like much other software’s in this field, it doesn’t require much amount, of course, to learn before coding on it.


It is a powerful platform which facilitates the Content Management System of large scale websites. This is also known as the CMS popularly. It serves the purpose of meeting the content related requirements of a business owner. You can quite easily find a number of content writers and freelancers who are looking to offer services to write content on your website. You can hire them to write blogs on your websites.

WordPress offers many services to make your website and to expand it in the best way possible. The benefits of WordPress are listed as under:


                                            Benefits of WordPress

1.   WordPress is open source software: the key benefits of WordPress to develop your site are that it is open source. This means that all the codes available on this program are made online. So, developers who are looking to develop your site will take help of it. Thus, saving time and money in the process. Many coders just upload their codes online which you can easily use in your site without paying even a penny. This is a key advantage that WordPress holds over’s its competitors.

2.   Convenient to use: WordPress is software that is very easy to use. It’s simple software which is very friendly for even the beginners and amateurs on your site. It is a very simple system to use. Coding in WordPress is very easy and you don’t need to be a professional in the subjects concerned. It is friendly software for even the non-professional and non-tech guys. You can even design your website without knowing a thing about coding. Just use the already available information on WordPress to design your site. You can do this while also continue to learn coding in the meanwhile.


3.   Fast construction: Another benefit of WordPress lies in the fact that it is very easy to install the software on the host server. You can easily set up your site and start coding. It is very easy to construct. Web developers can easily and quickly start with no time. This, saving on a lot of time.

4.   Pricing: the most important Benefits of wordpress which one looks for while developing his or her site is the amount of money that is required to be spent in making the site. Everyone loves to save on the money and use it in other areas. WordPress provides you with this convenience also. It requires the least amount of money when compared to other options. In fact, you can start your simple blogging website free of cost. Also, there are hundreds and thousands of freelancers who are always there to help you make the site and also, update blogs on it regularly.


5.   Plugins: if the core purpose of your business website is just not blogging and you want a complete website facilitating every feature that should be there in an ideal website. All you have to do is install plugins into your site. Like if you want to add media in the form of video, Audio, and images. Plugins will make you do that easily. If you want to have an option of live chat on your website. Plugins will surely help you do that. If you want to attach a calendar on site. What will you use? Of course, plugins. If you want to have a map on your website so that your address can easily be understood by the user. Always use plugins.

6.   Published with ease: WordPress will provide you with an excellent platform where you can create and review posts and blogs easily. You can also add new pages to your website without getting into any complications. WordPress makes the publishing part look fairly easy. You can easily publish the blogs on your site. You can also edit them after publishing it. Thus, WordPress makes publishing a post pretty much easy.

                                        Benefits of WordPress

7.   User management: this is the primary Benefits of wordpress why many owners of small and big businesses prefer to work on WordPress. It makes the management of content very easy. Perhaps, that’s why it is known to provide an excellent platform for Content Management System (CMS). There is a variety of contributors to the site. Administrator administrates the content on the site. Without his permission, nothing can be done on the site. Authors deal with the contents on the website. Writers and freelancers write the content. They are hired by the owner of the site for an already fixed stipend. Visitors have limited access on the site. They can only view the site or can comment on the posts. In this way, the users on the site are managed.


8.   Built-in comments: one very prominent Benefits of wordpress less in the fact that it facilitates the user or the visitor to comment on the posts. And hence, providing a way to engage with your content. You can also provide a separate section on your site known as the “forum of discussion”. In this section you can easily get the user’s review and what does him or she requires on your site. So that you can work to meet the needs of the user.

9.   SEO friendly: everyone loves to see their website at the top of the search pages. So that your website stands out among the competitors and have an advantage of inviting the maximum traffic towards the website. And yes, you have guessed it well, WordPress provides you with a variety of SEO plugins which can help your business to reach out at the top of search pages on the most powerful search engine companies like Google and Bing.


This article provided you with the benefits of WordPress. So, if you haven’t learnt WordPress yet, it’s high that you should.


Benefits of having a website


If you are an owner of a business company? Or are in need of a serious platform for blogging purposes? You require a website straightaway. Nothing beats the joy you feel after developing your first website. The amount of satisfaction just surpasses everything else.

Suppose if you have a business model and you want to spread it to more and more audiences. You should own a website. Gone are the days when having a website was like a luxury. It has now become a necessity. You don’t want to lack behind in this race. Be a big player among your peers.

According to a recent study covering the whole country, it has been estimated that 45 percent of all the small business owners are still not having a website. Enough has been told about the functionality and usability of the websites. Now it’s time to tell you about the benefits of owning a website and how it can help you to expand your small-scale business. So here are some of the major benefits of having a website and how it will make you stand apart from the crowd.

1.    Global reach: more than 2.5 million people around the globe have an active internet connection. The Congress out to be nearly 40% of the total population. These numbers are mentioned just to give you an idea of how big a number we are mentioning here. And to what scale of the audience can be targeted if you own a website. On an everywhere, it has been found that a user is surfacing on his mobile for more than 24 hours a week. If you are able to advertise your website in the right way, you can gain a lot of traffic. You can use it as a medium to sell your products, services, skills, and ideas. You can even sell your talent.

2.    Cost effective: Benefits of having a website is a very simple yet cost-effective method to help expand your business in the best possible way. You don’t need to spend those big bucks in finding actors and models that will be the face of your advertising team. And still, you can target a greater amount of audience through your site. This will not hinder your energy as well as your pocket. You don’t need to roam from door to door to sell your products and services. This, saving on both the time and money aspects.

3.    All in one platform: the websites are a very powerful source where anyone can start advertising their business, whatever may be the scale of your business is. The internet does not belong to a single organisation and it doesn’t give any preference to one over another. You can be sure that your small-scale business model is not crushed by the power of big business tycoons. If your content is more informative and is able to attract the imagination of the user, your business will surely are benefits of having a website.

It’s a platform which is meant for everyone. It will display all your products along with a short blog explaining every single entity. It will also provide a platform to engage the users with the help of live chat option and a forum for discussion. So, the website will be a platform to answer all your questions in a single place.

                                               Benefits of Having a Website

4.    Easy to access: the major Benefits of having a website holds over every other form of business advertisement are that it can be easily accessible from everywhere around the globe. Your business can be advertised even to the person sitting on the coldest continent of Antarctica. It is accessible to one and all. Everyone wants the convenience that your products should reach straight at the user’s address. This actually means your products are accessible to everyone who is in need of it. E-commerce giants have made this accessibility fairly easy in this world.

5.    Opportunities with big players: putting your website on the internet will put you in the league of some big names in the field. If you are successful in advertising your website on the internet, you can gain a lot of traffic on your site. Thus, increasing the sales of your product. You can also put forward your business model to the big players and you have more chances to approach big investors and companies. You must impress them with your idea. If they feel that your business model is worth it, you can earn big capitals from them.

6.    Increase your credibility: suppose you are in a market to purchase some goods. Suppose you want to buy a pair of jeans. There are two options for you. The banner above the first shop includes the name, address and contact no. Of the shop and the shop owner. That above the second one includes the website, social media links and an appropriate logo other than the name, address and contact numbers of the shop and so owner. Which one would you choose? Probably the second one right! A business benefits of having a website seems more reliable to a user just because its details can be found easily on the internet. Install a well-designed logo on the website, it makes your business way too credible than before.

7.    Edit information: other key benefits of having a website holds over any other form of advertisement is in the way that it can be edited. Any information that has once been inputted into your website can be changed at anytime from anywhere. Your most embarrassing mistakes can be corrected even before the mistake is noticed by many. If there is a slight change in the details of your product, it can be changed quite easily. It makes correction of your mistakes fairly easy.

8.    Provides a new dimension to your business: suppose you have a small scale business that is working quite well in the offline mode, but you can’t advertise your products to the online customers. This can be successful only through websites. These websites can prove to be a boon to your business. Suppose you are residing in Delhi. A customer from Mumbai saw your product and found it quite interesting. He ordered a pair of them. You can easily pack and send them through courier. Thus, a website is sure to add a new dimension to your business.

The world never sleeps thanks to the distinct time zones in different regions of the globe. So, your website will help your business to run 24*7.

tips for B2B businesses

Top 6 B2B Instagram Marketing Tips in 2018

Instagram is the new “it” thing when it comes to social media. This is mainly because of the immense connectivity it provides amongst influencers, brands and does on in the form of giving- away, collaborative work, launches, travel photo- tours, etc. And believe it or not, the traditional social media sites. Such as Facebook and Twitter no longer share or boost the same amount of connectivity they once used to.

With over 700 million users participating actively in this social media. Instagram Marketing is truly booming for everyone- be it artists or businesses and there are some best entrepreneurs who using Instagram as a business highly earning per day in lacks and more so, here is  top Instagram influencer. And what’s even better? The interactive new features such as direct message, stories, and now video calling. So basically it provides the platform for the creation of a global family. Using Instagram Marketing can lead to an increase in the number of visitors to a page. Or the number of clicks per se, which in turn reduces the cost of lead generation. and for Instagram business tools


Some of the 2018 tips for B2B businesses in the field of Instagram marketing  are listed below:

  • Use hashtags to reach your audiencehashtags are the best and easiest way to increase traffic to a particular post. When you use a hashtag, you basically appeal to everyone’s Instagram profile who is interested in the same thing. Use a mix of branded and non- branded tags to boost viewership. Branded hashtags are the ones which encourage people to use if they are posting something about your company, with the aim that they might even get featured by your company. On the other hand, non branded tags are the ones which appeal to the public on a broader term and more often a generic term. So branded tags can be specialized according to product lines and various divisions, whereas non- branded ones are generic and attain to the bigger picture.  You could even mention a particular hashtag on your Instagram bio, and then that particular hashtag would act as a link to your profile! This way you can increase the interactions with your customer base and Instagram Marketing.


  • Promotional activities– promote the launch of your new product or service over social media by Instagram Marketing; even invite a few influencers from the same line of business who you think could help boost your business. Organize give- away from events, quizzes, feature competitions, and more. All such activities prove to the audience that you are not merely business-minded but care about the interests of the people equally. Indulging in such activities will not only boost sales but will also help you create a more- refined Instagram Marketing, one that is consumer- friendly and does not hesitate in interacting with its customers on a regular basis. Generate maximum viewership by tagging people on your post. Go live while on the event and show people what it looks like at the real time. Research about the event hashtag and use it. Also, tag the location where a particular event is taking place. All these will help you improve your business’s image.


  • Use Instagram stories– Instagram keeps updating its story feature on a regular basis with various internal features available such as- adding gifs, texts, colors, even the option of going live, and face filters like the one in snap chat. A recent study shows that approximately 300+ million people use Instagram stories daily. Instagram Marketing through stories can be a very lucrative option as stories disappear in 24 hours, so you could come up with something new almost daily. Also, use the features of location tagging, and hashtags on the story itself. And suppose a particular story is important and you don’t want it to get deleted- you could always save them as “highlights”, this way any user who visits the company’s profile gets to see the highlight story.  There are also ways you can get to know what people think about a particular product or service. Instagram has added the poll feature which helps create an interactive story feature, with various users participating. You even get to share the end result. Another similar feature is a range feature where people can rank a product or service over a slider bar. All these features ultimately help you to record consumer preferences in an ultra cool way! If your Instagram account is a business account, then you can even analyze the performance over the stories with the help of Instagram Analytica.


  • Instagram bio– Instagram bio is your best chance to build a cool, and an attractive image among the audience. It even allows you to add links to your original website, thereby carving a path to improve the number of click on your website too.              If you are tech savvy, then add a link to other links, this way the users can access even more information about your business and company. Even if you are not that savvy technologically, you could always use apps like- link tree to add more and more links to your profile. There is a word limit of 150 words, and you should make the most out of it.
  • Employees and customers– put employee specific posts to show appreciation for our employees. This way, users will think you are equally committed towards your employees, and the company isn’t all about harsh business. Similarly, also feature your users and tag them while you feature them. This will increase appreciation for your company and make more and more people enthusiastic about contributing content. You can also use the platform to break important news to the public, such as big schemes, new offers, hiring news, and so on.


  • Focus on UGCUGC stands for user-generated content and is one of the most trending techniques for you to employ on social media. Using your branded hashtag will ensure that people start following and using it. UGC from your audience is a win-win situation. It basically helps you access to content which you did not create, but also shows the relationship of the company with your customers. Though most users won’t mind you reposting their picture, it is however always better to ask their permission first.


Hope the above mentioned Instagram Marketing tips and tricks will help you make your business the next “it” thing.






Magento V/S Prestashop

OpenCart vs. Magento vs. Prestashop: What to Choose?

OpenCart is a PHP/ MySQL based platform which helps develop sales based businesses, which is available online for absolutely free, and can be used even by rookies as ample of technical assistance is available online for problems, if any such thing arises.

Magento, just like OpenCart, is also an online- based open-source e-commerce system. It too is composed in PHP. There’s also a newer version of Magento, version 2.0 which was developed with the aim to provide better, more efficient service which would focus on increasing smoothness, improved version, and better the navigational use. 


Prestashop is our third system that we put forth in this article. It is the same as the two above mentioned platforms, an online e-commerce system, which is developed under Open Software License (OSL). Currently in use by 250000 shops across the globe, it is also available in 60 different languages. So worried how your native customers will reach you out? Not anymore, coverage of 60 languages will help your business bloom.

So what is it that sets these three almost similar sorts of platforms, different? After all they all deal with the business of setting up e-commerce businesses, and it shouldn’t really matter which one we use as long as our ultimate goal is achieved, right? Well, clearly nope.

                                                          Magento V/S Prestashop

A lot of thought is given into the choice of platform as clearly- your entire business, or startup is supposed to be dependent on this decision, and a single wrong chance taken could turn everything upside down. So let’s get into the details as to how one system overpowers the other, and which is ultimately the best for your dream to turn into a reality.


  • Technical know– how: for both Magento V/S Prestashop, you would be required to know quite a few amount of technical stuff, and it would even be preferable if you are, say, qualified in the field. However, it is also true that Prestashop is way easier as compared to Magento. But at the same time, one cannot simply ignore a number of out- of- the box unique features offered by the platform, which definitely make it worth for the prerequisite of knowing of technological rules, etc. Magento V/S Opencart too is said to be rookie’s game, as it is extremely easy to handle, and even a new comer to the business can figure out his or her way through the system pretty easily, in a short span of time.

So if your target is to use easy techniques, or if you don’t know the technological know-how, then you should definitely go for either Prestashop or OpenCart.Maybe once you have gained some experience, you can plan to shift your business to Magento.


  • Time– so Magento V/S Prestashop was the first evident market player when it comes to e-commerce setting business on an online platform, as it as set up in august, 2007. It was followed by Magento which was set up just after a couple of months, in March 2008. And our third competitor is clearly pretty new to the business, as OpenCart was only set up in 2010. So if you are of orthodox cal mindset, and trust experience more than anything in the world, then your choice should be clear- either go for Prestashop, or Magento, you won’t regret it.
  • VersionMagento V/S Prestashop has a decent number of 7 versions, along with Prestashop cloud launched in 2015. The latest version is called- V1.7.0.3.  However, Magento has even more number of versions for you all, 15! With better and efficient services. The recent version of this system is known as – V1.9.2. It even has an inbuilt navigation service. Wondering how many versions OpenCart has? Yep, its 28. The most recent one being- V2.2.0.0. Now, it’s important to keep in mind that even though the number of versions can be enthralling, but excessive updates can be hard to keep up with. So OpenCart users often find themselves bamboozled with continuous updates, and if you find this somewhat irritating too, then the best next option would be Magento, but you could always go for Prestashop too.


  • Famous sites– of course some popular sites that were developed using these respective systems Magento V/S Prestashop would help you make a more informed decision, so here are the names.

OpenCart- British red cross, Christmas Chop, and, Computer Store.

Magento- Nike AU and UK, North Face, and, Behr.

Prestashop- Vusion Glasses, Planet Sushi, The Fab Shoes.

So obviously for any newbie, the best options would be to collaborate with either OpenCart or Magento. As they already provide platforms for big organizations and companies.


  • License– all these three platforms have an open- source system. So you need not worry about obtaining the license and then starting your business. Go ahead and take full advantage of this feature. As each of these three systems offer you full freedom to launch the project of your dreams right away.
  • Google searches– this is an important determinant. So if you want your business to make a trademark into the lives of the people. It is essential that you first leave a mark online. The number of Google searches that Prestashop gets on an average per month is around 165000. On the other hand, Magento gets an average of 201000 searches per month, and OpenCart gets 90,500 searches on Google. So if advertising is crucial in your line of business, then go for Magento. Or Prestashop as they have way more average monthly searches as compared to OpenCart.


  • Cost– Magento is relatively costlier if you compare it with OpenCart or Prestashop. So if your budget is low, do not go for Magento.
  • Installation– a known fact is that the installation is a bit complicated in Magento. As compared to that of Prestashop and OpenCart. So if you are in a hurry or are not technically knowledgeable, go for the later mentioned options.
  • Customization– its pretty easy in Prestashop, and OpenCart. However, you might face issues while customizing in Magento. So keep in mind the customization options. OpenCart also offers you a variety of themes.
  • Suitability– Magento is best suited for enterprises, store owners and developers. Prestashop is more suitable for store owners, designers, and developers. Open cart, on the other hand, is suitable for store owners and entrepreneurship businesses.

The above mentioned pointers will hopefully identify the different categories and ways in which one system overpowers the other. So choose the option which best satisfies you needs.

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization Factors and Trends for 2018

App Store Optimization, most famously, known as ASO is a way of ensuring that an app meets the app store’s rating criteria which will show it among the top rankings in the search results page. In other words, App Store Optimization is the procedure with the help of which the visibility of a mobile app can be improved in an app store (iTunes for iOS, Google Play for Android and Windows Store for Windows phone)and here is the complete guide to  app store optimization

An App Store Optimization process is similar to SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization which is for websites just like an ASO is for apps. But this linkage is not just limited to a similarity of functions. The functions of these two processes often overlap because mobile apps are not just visible on the respective mobile apps store but are prominently prevalent on Google’s organic search results as well.

To drive the point home, take the instance of when you search for big brand names like that of eBay, Amazon, Groupon, Myntra, Flipkart, Jabong et al on your desktop or your mobile, you obtain brand website listing, local listings and social profiles along with the brands’ iPhone, iPad and Android app profile pages and that too on the first page of Google.

And here is the most important things to use in SEO CONTENT

And there is a huge potential that can be harnessed by these app URLs to occupy page 1 of Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

But in an App Store Optimization process, there is a due emphasis upon the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) as well which, in laymen terms, is focused upon increasing the conversion of app store impressions to downloads and it also comprises of earning an app store feature and web search indexing activities.

Why ASO is important?

It is said that 63% of apps are discovered through the app stores searches that clearly implies the importance of App Store Optimization process as a medium for an app to increase its visibility. So, it is the kind of a discovery channel that must not be missed upon considering the odds that are in its favor.

Factors affecting an ASO,

The mechanics of an ASO are influenced by the following factors:

  • Title – The title of an app plays a very crucial role since it must be capable enough to attract the heaviest search traffic. In that way, a title is the most important feature of an app which must be descriptive and succinct. Why? Because a short title will make it convenient for the users who are not familiar with the app to get a basic gist about the app from such a short description itself. The length must be restricted to 50 characters only or even lesser.


A lofty and verbose title can prove to be repellant and thus, must be steered clear of because at the end of the day the main motive is to make app more popular among the masses through the app store itself.


Also, for the best results the keywords can be added in the title itself (keywords provide a helping hand in searching for the app) which can bring out further improvement in the ranking of the app in the app store listing. According to a study that studied the top 25 ranking apps arrived at the conclusion that the apps with a relevant keyword in the title ranked 10.3% higher than the apps without it.

App Store Optimization

  • Keywords – There is an availability of adding keywords to the app store listing which are used by the search algorithms to display the app in the result. Ergo, it becomes imperative that correct keywords are input and it must be ensured that relevant time is spent in searching best keywords to use. Also, these keywords must be revisited at regular intervals for App Store Optimization.


The different app stores use different strategies and we can consider those employed by the App Store and the Google Play Store. Both of these use different strategies when it comes to employing keywords for the App Store Optimization.


  1. App Store

They have a 100-character keyword field which exclusively uses title and keywords and keywords or keywords phrases to determine for which search strings the particular app will show up for the app for which the keyword string has been created.

  1. Google Play

It provides 4000 characters to describe the app in natural, customer facing language. This approach of its is more similar to SEO which does away with the specified tags; instead the app’s description is scanned for the relevant keywords.


  • Total number of downloads – All the hard work is for the conversion rate itself ie. to get the maximum number of the downloads. The more the number of times an app has been downloaded, the more popular it is among the populace: that has always been the motive anyway.

It is all about marketing the brand and the app to improve recognition, awareness, appeal from store description to mages, ratings/ reviews and social media presence for there are 2.2 million apps in the App Store and over 3.3 million in Google Play and every niche market is crowded with apps that offers the best of the features. So, a solid app is required with solid marketing fundamentals to survive.


  • Ratings and reviews – More ratings and reviews are always better but only if they are positive. So, what can be done to ensure that any negative publicity is prevented is to provide an internal space for the consumers to vent their frustration and share their grievances so that such faults in the app can be improved upon. Moreover, such a platform can be used to elicit a positive review from the customers. This can work both ways.

Trends in ASO for 2018,

The number of apps in the Apple App Store stood at 2.2 million and in the Google Play Store it was at 3.3 million in September 2017. This number is bound to increase even further


App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization

This rapid increase in the number of apps poses a question as to how make a new app visible on the app store?

The most motivating factor for the download of an app is the search for a specific task, another being that an app might be ranked highly and that’s a motivation enough for the people to download the same app. That’s why the top ranks are coveted by every new app so that it can attract a horde to itself.

This survey pertains to the ASO experts who rated 25 factors from a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the not influential and 10 being the highly influential.